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"It was refreshing and enlightening to hear our shared Catholic moral views being expressed by a candidate for the presidency."  -- Luis Mata, Grand Knight for the Hobbs, New Mexico Knights of Columbus Council.


"A lot of what Joe says really would come across as good, common sense to many Americans.  They would gladly have someone like him leading the country..."--editor David Green, The Observer newspaper, Morenci, Michigan


Book excerpts:


I talked about our border policy position at a Theology class at Xavier University...


At Greensboro College in North Carolina I said personal spirituality drives many people, including a good number of them in politics.  And I believe people should be able to express their faith openly in any venue.


I told a Moral Theology class at St. Meinrad Seminary in Indiana that many Americans these days are spending an awful lot of time on, say, sports, as opposed to, often, a much smaller amount of time on such pursuits as: prayer, spiritual reading, outreach work...


During a talk to a graduate History class at the University of Toledo, I said that many people sit in American suburban and small town comfort eating food picked by migrant farm workers during 10 to 12 hour days in the hot sun amidst chemically laden fields. 

"My wife Liz and I are your average concerned Midwestern parents who couldn't sit back and watch the society continue to fall apart for our children.  We quit our jobs, packed up our kids, took Catholic Church teaching, and headed out onto the roads of America to tell people there was a better way.  Well, someone had to do this!"  --Joe

Back Road to the White House II

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