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Besides talking in some 1,000 Catholic churches over the years, Mr. Schriner has talked at the University of Notre Dame, Xavier University, St. Leo College, Franciscan University, University of Dayton…  He has been featured in such Catholic media as: EWTN’s national The Good Fight radio show with Barbara McGuigan; EWTN’s Rome in the Rockies radio show in Colorado; The Al Kresta Show… *and he has been in a good number of Diocesan (and secular) newspapers around the country as well.


Consistent Life Ethic

Talk capsule:  What is a “Consistent Life Ethic”?  Since Catholic Church teaching espouses the essence of this, Mr. Schriner figures, well, Catholics should know about it. Really know about it.  In a nutshell, the Catholic Church teaches we must value the sanctity of life “…from the womb to the tomb.” That is, this is not only saying no to abortion, but saying no to euthanasia, assisted suicide, poverty, environmental destruction, unjust war… and anything else that can end life prematurely.  And in this talk, Mr. Schriner uses clear, poignant examples from his extensive travels to make the subject come to life, while showing how Catholic church teaching, as it relates to this, would be a lens through which we look at all “Life” issues.

*Mr. Schriner gave this talk as a “Featured Speaker” at the 25th Anniversary of the National Consistent Life Conference in Washington, D.C.  And he has given it at colleges (including Notre Dame, Xavier, St. Leo College, University of Dayton…) and churches across the country.


“I would strongly encourage you to invite Joe to speak in your parish.  He does an excellent job with his talk on a “Consistent Life Ethic.” –Fr. Nicholas Cunningham, Pastor of Most Pure Heart of Mary Catholic Church, Shelby, Ohio

“Schriner’s message is deeply rooted in Catholic Social Teaching…” --Editor Dennis Sadowski, Cleveland Ohio’s Diocesan newspaper, The Universe Bulletin.

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