"Schriner...  upholds the Church's teaching on 'Preferential Option for the Poor.' --Editor Dennis Sadowski, Catholic Universe Bulletin, Cleveland Diocesan newspaper


"There's graffiti.  There's gangs.  There's drugs.  There's homeless.  There's homicides...  And there is a high energy group of people who have rolled up their sleeves and moved here: to help."


Book excerpts:


Labre Ministry is an outreach of Ohio City's St. Ignatius High School and was named after St. Benedict Joseph Labre who was known for working with the poor.  Every Sunday night these Catholic high school students fan out into the city bringing food, blankets, and so on, to the homeless in Cleveland.


St. Porpcop's Church in the neighborhood has donated a vacant convent to be used as a long-term living facility for those recovering from alcohol and drug addiction.


The Catholic Worker House here is in an old three-story convent behind St. Patrick's Church.  It has been converted to a "House of Hospitality" where volunteers live side-by-side with the homeless.

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"Schriner's message is clear and based solidly on Catholic Social Teaching.  The youth and adults alike were truly moved and extremely interested in what he had to say." 
--Gerard Bonner, Youth Ministry Coordinator, St. James Catholic Church, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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