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"Schriner's message is clear and based solidly on Catholic Social Teaching.  The youth and adults alike were truly moved and extremely interested in what he had to say."  --Gerrard Bonner, Youth Ministry coordinator, St. James Catholic Church, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

"Mr. Schriner's message was one that the students, or for that matter the public in general, rarely hears.  All of the students seemed to agree Mr. Schriner's voice is one that needs to be heard in our country and our world."  --John Cooper, Theology Instructor, Xavier University.

"It wasn't long before I saw in Joe a person who... could serve as a reminder to the culture at large that there might be another way to do politics." -- Matt Swaim, former co-host for EWTN's Son Rise Morning Show.


"Unlike many candidates who seem to prevaricate when asked their stances on issues, Mr. Schriner is specific."  -- reporter Kate Oatis, the Catholic Chronicle, Toledo, Ohio, Diocesan newspaper.


"This is the most consistent Catholic campaign I have ever seen, at least in the United States." --St. Meinrad Moral Theology Professor Mark Ginter.  Quote appeared in The Herald newspaper, Jasper, IN.

It's (Joe) Time! 

(A can't miss common sense plan for America.)

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