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Besides talking in some 1,000 Catholic churches over the years, Mr. Schriner has talked at the University of Notre Dame, Xavier University, St. Leo College, Franciscan University, University of Dayton…  He has been featured in such Catholic media as: EWTN’s national The Good Fight radio show with Barbara McGuigan; EWTN’s Rome in the Rockies radio show in Colorado; The Al Kresta Show… *and he has been in a good number of Diocesan (and secular) newspapers around the country as well.


“If I were president…”

Fr. Michael Scanlan, former president of Franciscan University wrote:  “I experience Joe Schriner as a fervent pro-life candidate willing to make great sacrifices for the moral betterment of our nation and the transformation of our society. He was an inspiration to our students.”

Talk capsule: What would a true Catholic president look like? How would he/she approach modern issues in light of Catholic teaching?  Joe Schriner has run for U.S. president in five election cycles as an independent.  The core of his entire platform is Catholic teaching.  What’s more, in his extensive cross country research, he found numerous people bringing life to these teachings through creative programs to help the poor, stop terrorism, fix immigration, curb crime, end abortion…  It’s an absolutely fascinating talk that Mr. Schriner has given at: Notre Dame University; Xavier University; University of Dayton; Franciscan University, St. Meinrad Seminary, Knights of Columbus gatherings, other church groups…

“This is the most consistent Catholic campaign I have ever seen,” --St. Meinrad Theology Professor Mark Ginter to The Herald newspaper, Jasper, Indiana.


“It was refreshing and enlightening to hear our shared Catholic moral views being expressed by a candidate for the presidency.”  --Luis Mata, Grand Knight for the Hobbs, New Mexico, Knights of Columbus Council.


“Mr. Schriner’s message was one that students, or for that matter the public in general, rarely hear…  All of the students seemed to agree Mr. Schriner’s voice is one that needs to be heard in our country and our world.”  --John Cooper, Theology instructor, Xavier University.


“Schriner’s message is clear and based solidly on Catholic Social Teaching.  The youth and adults alike were truly moved and extremely interested in what he had to say.”  --Gerard Boner, Youth Ministry Coorinator, St. James Catholic Church, Oklahoma

“The approach to the presidency that Schriner and his wife Liz have developed is unique.  The working journalist from Ohio decided to run for the presidency with a political platform based on Catholic teaching.”  --Editor Lou Jacquet, The Catholic Exponent, Youngstown, Ohio Diocesan newspaper.

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