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Besides talking in some 1,000 Catholic churches over the years, Mr. Schriner has talked at the University of Notre Dame, Xavier University, St. Leo College, Franciscan University, University of Dayton…  He has been featured in such Catholic media as: EWTN’s national The Good Fight radio show with Barbara McGuigan; EWTN’s Rome in the Rockies radio show in Colorado; The Al Kresta Show… *and he has been in a good number of Diocesan (and secular) newspapers around the country as well.


Joe’s “Faith Walk”

Adrew Hrezo, Ed.D., associate professor at Franciscan University wrote: “Joe’s walk with the Lord is an inspiring one.  And is similar in several ways to the faith Abraham had as he stepped out in trust at the call of the Lord. That call has changed Joe’s life, forever.”

“Here I am Lord, send me!
Kinda, sorta…” -- Joe

Talk capsule:  At the height of his professional career, Joe Schriner heard a providential call to give everything up and head out onto the roads of America.  Why?  He wasn’t sure.  But he went anyway.  This was the start of a 250,000 mile odyssey that has, among other things, intersected him with people across America bringing Catholic Church teaching to vibrant life.  As a former journalist he took a lot of notes, wrote some books… Along the way, he’s also talked in more than 1,0000 Catholic churches and, oh yeah, he’s run for U.S. president five times as an independent candidate.  This is a talk chock full of “miracle stories” of how the Lord has directed this tremendously fascinating, and at times tremendously risky, journey.  And the talk is guaranteed to have others risking way more for Christ as well.

“Joe is a true example of being obedient to God’s call… His talk caused me to look at my own life and ask myself if I am willing to listen and follow God’s call in every area of my life.  I would recommend Joe Schriner to any group that is looking to be encouraged, inspired and challenged.  –Jim McBane, founder of the 25-year-old Christian Men’s Luncheon held at Franciscan U.

Joe's Faith Walk
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