“What we see today is a consumption society that values material wealth above social health,” said Mrs. Schriner. Bangor Daily News, Bangor, Maine.


“My issues would be about women’s issues…” - Mrs. Schriner during a CBS (affiliate) News interview on the Monterey Peninsula in California.



Talk capsule:  Basing the talk on the Theology of the Body teachings of Pope John Paul II, Ms. Schriner explores this “new feminism.”  That is, Ms. Schriner recently explained during a talk at Franciscan University that it’s a call to honor the “feminine genius,” as mothers and caregivers, just as much as, say, being participants in politics, economics, and so on. Besides having a firm grasp on the pope’s teachings in this area, Ms. Schriner has traveled the country extensively interviewing women dynamically living this out for her book (in progress):  Feminism Baptized.  The talk includes a mix of these teachings, some poignant case studies and some of Ms. Schriner’s own vast experience living this out as a wife, mother and successful business woman.

Besides the years on the road helping run her husband’s presidential campaign, Ms. Schriner successfully published two magazines in Findlay, Ohio for N-2 Publishing.  And she is currently a Major Gift Officer traveling the country for Franciscan University.

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"Schriner's message is clear and based solidly on Catholic Social Teaching.  The youth and adults alike were truly moved and extremely interested in what he had to say." 
--Gerard Bonner, Youth Ministry Coordinator, St. James Catholic Church, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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