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Besides talking in some 1,000 Catholic churches over the years, Mr. Schriner has talked at the University of Notre Dame, Xavier University, St. Leo College, Franciscan University, University of Dayton…  He has been featured in such Catholic media as: EWTN’s national The Good Fight radio show with Barbara McGuigan; EWTN’s Rome in the Rockies radio show in Colorado; The Al Kresta Show… *and he has been in a good number of Diocesan (and secular) newspapers around the country as well.


Ending the Holocaust of Abortion…

 “Mr. Schriner’s talk (Communion Reflection) is the most impacting pro-life talk I have ever heard.” 

- Pastor Thomas Weise, St. Patrick Church, Phenix City, AL.

(*3-minute Mass Communion Reflection – or longer talk for a multitude of other venues)

Talk capsule:  Mr. Schriner has talked in more than 1,000 Catholic churches on the topic of abortion and how Catholics should respond if they truly want it to end.  He doesn’t pull punches.  He’s very strong, clear and direct about this modern day Holocaust in our midst.


“Mr. Schriner is one of the most clear, persuasive and powerful speakers I’ve heard…” –Fr. Stephen Stanbery, Sacred Heart Church, New Bavaria, Ohio.


“His [Schriner’s] message is to the point, quite challenging, profound and inspiring.  I highly recommend Joe and his prophetic message.”  --Fr. Stephen Blum, pastor of St. Charles Borromeo Church, Lima, Ohio.


“I believe Mr. Schriner is an inspiration for all of us…” –Monsignor Lawrence Luciani, St. Joseph’s Church, Huntington, West Virginia.


“It’s a hard message to hear, and certainly a harder one to preach.  Joe Schriner is a well-educated man who, with his family, have set themselves on a ‘mission of Life.’” – Fr. John Cayor, Our Lady of Victory Church, Crestview, Florida.


“We’re living in a modern day Holocaust, unparalleled in the history of mankind,” said Schriner.  The Courier newspaper, Savannah, Tennessee.

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