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Joe has a number of must read books/e-books that are quite entertaining and thoughtful.

See the Schriner resumes and contact them directly.


Besides talking in some 1,000 Catholic churches over the years, Mr. Schriner has talked at the University of Notre Dame, Xavier University, St. Leo College, Franciscan University, University of Dayton…  He has been featured in such Catholic media as: EWTN’s national The Good Fight radio show with Barbara McGuigan; EWTN’s Rome in the Rockies radio show in Colorado; The Al Kresta Show… and he has been in a good number of Diocesan (and secular) newspapers around the country as well.


“Schriner’s message is deeply rooted in Catholic Social Teaching…” - Editor Dennis Sadowski, Cleveland Ohio’s Diocesan newspaper, The Universe Bulletin.

"Joe and Liz came to the class superbly prepared and had the students spellbound..." - Bluffton University Professor, Perry Bush.

Joe explains everything...
Joe Explains Everything - Joe Schriner
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“The New Evangelization,” Catholicism on steroids!

Catholic apostolate, Catholic speaker, Catholic author, and at times,

Catholic independent U.S. presidential candidate...

Joe Schriner

“Joe Schriner is one of the most dynamic defenders of the Catholic faith that I have ever heard.”

- Pastor David Zink, St. Louis Church, North Star, Ohio.

"I experience Joe Schriner as a fervent pro-life candidate willing to make great sacrifices for the moral betterment of our nation and the transformation of our society.  He was an inspiration to our students." 

- Fr. Michael Scanlan, former president of Franciscan University.

“Joe Schriner is one of the most clear, persuasive, and powerful speakers... I recommend him to your parish highly.”

- Pastor Stephen Stanbery, St. Mary’s Church, Holgate, Ohio.

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